Champions Prime 2020

SIGNS & BADGES 219 BespokeSigns Metal Spike MS01 Y/BK Luxury goldwith black letters W/BK Whitewith black letters BK/W Blackwith white letters G/W Greenwith white letters R/W Redwith white letters BK/G Blackwith gold letters BL/W Bluewith white letters S/BK Brushed silver with black letters G/BK Luxury goldwith black letters All signs, metal spikes & badges are available with the following colour combinations Colour codes: PLEASE ASK FOR AQUOTATION Signs - Suitable for indoor & outdoor use Bespoke shapes & other sizes are available, please ask • Just push into the ground or lawn • Specially hardened finish to withstand all weathers • Smart, attractive and easy to read (incorporating laminated acrylic signs) Sign size 12.5 x 7.5cm (5" x 3") Height 33cm (13") Ideal for use as Promotion signs Instructional signs Memorial plaques Warning signs